Candy Cane Nails

I fell asleep at 10:30pm last nite & being that my body is use to transforming & rolling out after 4-5 hrs of sleep I was WIDE awake at 2:30am.  What better way to kill time then to do a fresh manicure?!?!  I decided to give a lil step by step tutorial because occasionally ppl will ask me to do their nails & the answer is always “NO!!!”   Keeping my mom & daughter jazzy is enough work for me, but that doesn’t mean those ppl cant have jazzy nails too!!!  I heart Christmas (although you probably already realized that I heart EVERYTHING... what can I say "Life is good") I've been celebrating Christmas since mid Nov but its time to step it up a notch & help everyone get their mind right lol 

Ingredients for candy cane nails (base coat, red, polish, silver polish, white nail art with a thin brush, top coat)

Clear base coat, then a coat of red polish

Wide stripes of silver

Followed by thin white stripes

As is usually the case my left & right hand are in different worlds... decided to go traditional candy cane on this hand.  
One thick white stripe & one thin white stripe side by side
And there you have it you Ho, Ho, Ho's... fresh candy cane nails that Santa would approve of !!! How frekkin easy was that?

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  1. They look good and you make it sound so easy! I may actually give it a try.