18th Annual Atlanta Santa Pub Crawl

Saturday was a crazy hectic day, but I just had to set aside an hour to stop by the 18th Annual Atlanta Santa Pub Crawl.  I didn’t get to go in my Miss Claus costume because I was on a wicked schedule that left no time for wardrobe changes.  This is my 4th year pit stopping through to en joy all the festive partiers who put aside jackets, scarves & gloves in the name of Ho Ho Ho’n.  They are truly the inspiration for my mini Miss Claus crawl in which I convince my friends to forget its -13 degrees outside, put on something festive and party like a rebel without a cause.  This year I was inspired to make my own costume, oddly enough when I saw a big ass stocking in the store & I thought to myself “hmm that would make a cute outfit”  So ima leave you with some pix from the amazingly awesome 18th Annual Atlanta Santa Pub Crawl & a sneak peak of my costume (final version to be revealed soon).
Reminds me of the year I had the ninja halloween costume... no drinking for Gumby :-( unless he has velcro lips

:-( at my favorite crew being blurry... too much going on

The Charlie Brown christmas tree

Oh how I heart Woodstock

I thought they were ninja turles but they were 2 turle doves #whoops

The were a hot mess, I couldnt stop laughing

Thats Pep Talk Santa on the right!!!  Who knew I would get an awesome pep talk @ the Santa Crawl?

Camo Santa, u know I LOVE camo

Flashback to my chica's & I celebrating in 2009

My 2010 costume in the making

Candy Cane'd deuces!!!

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