Tailgate-hopping at the Falcons Game

I've lived in Atlanta 7 years and this year I went to my first Atlanta Hawks & Atlanta Falcons game *shame on me* I know, I know... we usually watch the game at sports bars.  Shout out to my homies for the various awesome game hook-ups!!! This go round we did more tailgating than game watching and it was super-dee-duper.  First we wandered around the outside of the GA Dome interacting with other Falcons fans who invite you (a complete stranger) to come into their area to eat, drink, dance & enjoy the game.  We then went inside the dome to enjoy the madness that is Falcons Fans, they are a hot a$$ mess and I love em cause I’m a hot a$$ mess too *wink* Then we went back outside (without ever having actually sat in our seats) to link back up with our new tailgating family who adopted us as their Falcons step-children and invited us to join them at their usual spot for every home game from now until forever.  Tailgating is exhausting, I think we walked off all the calories consumed this weekend & then some.  Shout out to the Falcons for the wonderful win & the wonderful day of chillaxin. 

Season ticket holder Tiffany, great seats chica !!!

Its NOT ok to pee your pants at the Falcons game & then get drag'd away

His jersey almost blinded me, I want to convert it into a dress for myself

Cold???  They got you !!!

They bring the entire living room to the game

The Atlanta Falcons Bird Lady


  1. I love Football!! No other sport does this... You don't tailgate before a baseball game or basketball game, only football.

    Plus I just love to watch.

  2. Cold Lampin'!!! :D

    Great Pics, Angela! :D