Reasonably Prudent Girly

While out partyn, one of our homeboys said to me, “You are prudent!” … Completely out of the blue?!?! *what di bloodclot* 

First of all drunk ppl shouldnt even be using words like Prudent to other possibly drunk ppl. Moving on...  I wasn’t sure if I should say “NUH UH!!”  Or “Thank You!!”  I decided later that I want to go with “Nuh Uh!!”  All I could think about after that is something my daughter told me, “Mom, you’re really not as cool as you THINK you are.”  I don’t wanna be prudent, I wanna be All The Way Turn’t Up!!! 

Thats really all I had to say *off to put on some mom jeans*

Just felt like sharing: My autobot, peace sign & my flag :-)


  1. Maybe you were just being prudent at that moment...

  2. @ StoneEffect ~ Possibly, we were all chuggin 151 punches & it just came outta nowhere (I secretly wanted to shank him *teeheehee*)

  3. I once told a girl she was a prude...we didn't speak for 3 weeks.
    But I meant it in the nicest way. Meaning I liked how she carried herself, always left you wanting more etc.
    What's the saying? 'Prude in the streets, but a freak in the sheets'...or something like that

  4. @joegrind ~ I was a lil bit offended like he was saying that I wasnt cool, but I wasnt 100% of sound mind. Thanks for clearing that up!