Ori Jah Nal nails

I was home bored last nite, I finished tending to my beautiful farm, as usual I wasn’t feeling anything on TV, didn’t feel like reading, so I figured I'd redo my nails.  Sitting there tryn to decide what design to go with this time & I look over on my imaginary boyfriends side of the bed & the Orijahnal shirt I wore the other day is laying there staring at me *BAM* lets got with some rasta nails.
I had to bootleg it a little (a lot) cause I only had a very very lite green, I put a blue polish on then went over it with the green.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted the colors straight or angled so I tried both ways, I liked the angled better but was too lazy to redo the middle finger so F*CK it… get it??? (muahahaha).  As is always the case with my nails, one hand looks skRaight & the other hand is a hot a$$ mess!  Sleepy time was calling me so I did the left hand only, maybe I’ll do the right 2nite, maybe I will leave it as is.  The peace signs look like they were scribbled by a 1st grader, but I dig em so again… “f*ck it”

Shout out to Miss Orijahnal herself Selam for inspiring my lovely nails, I’ve already received several compliments on the left hand and a couple of *side eyes* at the right hand… “f*ck it” I really shouldn’t be on here showcasing my left hand when my right hand is a mess, my left foot still has spooky pumpkins painted on them & my right foot still has Frankensteins… “you already know” Anyway, I cant wait to get my Orijahnal 2011 bikini so I can hit di beach in styleeeee *more fiyah*
Selam ~ Orijahnal

In case you are wondering why I threw the peace signs in there (1) I have an obsessive personality, when I like something ~ I LOVE IT *more more more*!!!  Peace signs just happens to be one of the things I like/love/adore.  My daughter once told me, “I bet Peace Signs are scared of you cause you stalk them” (2) One of my favorite earrings just happens to have a peace sign & the Ethiopian/Rasta colors

I just HAD to include a pic of my fabulous (yet unfunctional) Farmville farm *wink*

Next week nails to rep all my flags

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