I wonder ...

I wonder if I’m the only person that uses my hair flat iron to touch up the collar of my shirts cause I’m too lazy to take off the shirt & pull out the real iron?  I never flat iron my hair so atleast the thing serves some kinda purpose.
My daughter is just as deadly with her camera as I am with mine!!!
I wonder if I’m the only person who gets suckered into buyn 2 apples pies for $1 everytime I stop for fast food?  Lord knows I don’t need to be eating fast food as often as I do & Lord knows I don’t need ONE apple pie let alone TWO.

I wonder if I would be wrong if I got my mom that Jitterbug cell phone for  Christmas?  The old people in the commercials look so happy!!!  Technology & my mom do not get along, the more options a gadget has the more she HATES it.  How she ended up with a daughter that’s referred to as Gadget Girl or Inspector Gadget is beyond me. 
I wonder if I’m the only person in the world that thinks EVERYTHING is funny?  Even things that are obviously NOT funny (which got me in trouble a lot when I was younger).  Even my daughter asks why I laugh at everything?  The weird part is I’m not that overly chipper person that is always tryn to spread joy therefore everyone hates them, I just think every random ish is hilariously funny.  I was asked to called the helpdesk for a “major problem”at work and 1 minute into the convo with the helpdesk we realize it is simply a “Major User Error”.  I start laughing then the helpdesk rep starts laughing but then stops and says, “I’m sorry, that’s not funny, these calls are recorded, but you have a contagious laugh”

I wonder if I’ll finally win the lottery next year?  My bro always reminds me that "if you want different results, you have to do things differently!"  I wonder if that means I should play more often? Or in different locations?  Or with other ppl'z $$? My fantasy list is getting longer & longer, somethings got to give... 2011 Shelby GT500  here I come *zoom zoom*

Ok, I guess thats enough mindless banter for one day... or is it?!?!  Probably not, let's continue this convo after dinner :-)

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  1. You're a nut! But um, that flat iron thing is a good idea. Thx for the tip! :^D