Halloween 2010

HalloWeekend 2010 was both AMAZING & PAINFUL.  The gyal who always has a camera was without one this Halloweekend.  I was stalking the mail man daily for both my replacement cameras, first the Panasonic goes then the Stylus Tough Cam dies at the beach last weekend *BASTARD*

I heart my chicas but sadly they all take pix, but dont post em until Two Thousand and Late.  I was able to harass some of them for some pix, but alot of the amazing sh*t that went down shall never have its place in history & for that I apologize.  There was a guy that was wasted outta his mind and his costume was nothing more than his birthday suit & an IKEA bag that was fallin off, so I have renamed "White Boy Wasted" to now "Ikea Bag Wasted".  We went to a non Halloween party in costume & everyone was staring at us like WTF but eventually were like "Umm can we get a pic with you?"  Went to an ATL Hawks game in costume, ended up not having the tickets we thought we had but the costumes got us awesome seats for free.  I managed to spend the entire weekend either shooting or shanking everyone, but they all seemed to enjoy it *teeheehee*

So I shall post the few pix I have & then erase this painful yet amazing weekend from my memory forever. I may just recycle all de dayym costumes next year muahaha

Shank'n spree

Dis was de winner of de costume contest @ de Soca Club.  Gotta luv my Straight Off De Boat Island ppl

Lemme tell you, those red dots on my cheeks ended up on EVERYBODY! lmfao
Flo from Progressive insurance was TOO cute

Asian Flare

decided to pull out one of last years costumes & head to a non costume party on Thur

Hit up an ATL Hawks game in costume (weapons & all)

Everytime they scored BULLET BULLET

Jack'n fools fo dey $$$
To end on a good note, my paparazzi cam came in & I got her in white this time *snap snap ninja's*

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