Driving in hot dayym Atlanta

Traffic was a BEAST this morning & this evening… WHY YOU ASK???  Cause it rained!!!  I’ve been saying this for years but I’m convinced that ATL has the world’s worst drivers. Let it sprinkle for 5 minutes, the highways turn into Atlanta Motor Speedway, an 18 wheeler jack knifes, a car drives off a bridge, a motorcycle drives into a lake, there is a 10 car pileup & every other highway in the city is grid locked. I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy theory that the Atlanta government is trying to cover up.  Back when ATL was an up & coming city they were trying to figure out “HOW do we get ppl to move to the south?  Down to this oasis in the woods that we call ATL?"  The government decided that they would give all sh*tty drivers around the US a “get outta jail free card” or a clean driving record if they relocated here.  I mean really, how else could we have so many jacked up drivers here?  These ppl are like NASCAR drivers with a death wish! 
Through all this mayhem & foolishness there is usually one group of ppl that have it made in the shade & that’s dem dayyyyym HOV lane ppl *side eye*Many moons ago I had this BRILLIANT (and I’m not kidding its still brilliant) idea to create an inflatable person that I dubbed HOV Homie.  You plug HOV Homie into your lighter & he bobs his head to the music (& now that I think about it, it would probably be fresh it he put one hand in the air & threw up some deuces or some ish) so when you pass the fuzz while ur cruising in the HOV lane, you are Good To Go!!!  I really don’t understand why they just don’t get rid of the dayym HOV lane & give us another lane, is it not OBVIOUS by the backed up traffic that we need it? 

Moving on, In route to work this AM and there was a cop behind me & he stayed behind me for a while.  Finally I’m not riding dirty in any shape or form.  Tags current, license no longer suspended (THAT WASN’T MY FAULT), no failure to appear warrants (AGAIN… it ain’t my fault), no empty booze bottles in the car, no full bottles in the car, no headlights or tail lights out, I’m GOOD!  But still I’m nervous as h*ll & just wanna jump outta the car & run into the woods.  My homie & I had a convo about this a while back and we realized that we are riding dirty so often that we just dunno how to act when the fuzz is around & we happen to NOT be riding dirty.  *Run Away, Run Away*
Any who, So then during lunch I let this car cut in front of me when all the other cars cut him off & he didn’t even say thanks.  You coulda waived ninja, not that I’m gonna waive back or anything, but that’s 30 seconds outta my lunch break that I will never get back. 

I think that’s all I have to say about ATL driving *Zoom Zoom*

Reasonably Prudent Girly

While out partyn, one of our homeboys said to me, “You are prudent!” … Completely out of the blue?!?! *what di bloodclot* 

First of all drunk ppl shouldnt even be using words like Prudent to other possibly drunk ppl. Moving on...  I wasn’t sure if I should say “NUH UH!!”  Or “Thank You!!”  I decided later that I want to go with “Nuh Uh!!”  All I could think about after that is something my daughter told me, “Mom, you’re really not as cool as you THINK you are.”  I don’t wanna be prudent, I wanna be All The Way Turn’t Up!!! 

Thats really all I had to say *off to put on some mom jeans*

Just felt like sharing: My autobot, peace sign & my flag :-)

Ori Jah Nal nails

I was home bored last nite, I finished tending to my beautiful farm, as usual I wasn’t feeling anything on TV, didn’t feel like reading, so I figured I'd redo my nails.  Sitting there tryn to decide what design to go with this time & I look over on my imaginary boyfriends side of the bed & the Orijahnal shirt I wore the other day is laying there staring at me *BAM* lets got with some rasta nails.
I had to bootleg it a little (a lot) cause I only had a very very lite green, I put a blue polish on then went over it with the green.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted the colors straight or angled so I tried both ways, I liked the angled better but was too lazy to redo the middle finger so F*CK it… get it??? (muahahaha).  As is always the case with my nails, one hand looks skRaight & the other hand is a hot a$$ mess!  Sleepy time was calling me so I did the left hand only, maybe I’ll do the right 2nite, maybe I will leave it as is.  The peace signs look like they were scribbled by a 1st grader, but I dig em so again… “f*ck it”

Shout out to Miss Orijahnal herself Selam for inspiring my lovely nails, I’ve already received several compliments on the left hand and a couple of *side eyes* at the right hand… “f*ck it” I really shouldn’t be on here showcasing my left hand when my right hand is a mess, my left foot still has spooky pumpkins painted on them & my right foot still has Frankensteins… “you already know” Anyway, I cant wait to get my Orijahnal 2011 bikini so I can hit di beach in styleeeee *more fiyah*
Selam ~ Orijahnal

In case you are wondering why I threw the peace signs in there (1) I have an obsessive personality, when I like something ~ I LOVE IT *more more more*!!!  Peace signs just happens to be one of the things I like/love/adore.  My daughter once told me, “I bet Peace Signs are scared of you cause you stalk them” (2) One of my favorite earrings just happens to have a peace sign & the Ethiopian/Rasta colors

I just HAD to include a pic of my fabulous (yet unfunctional) Farmville farm *wink*

Next week nails to rep all my flags

I wonder ...

I wonder if I’m the only person that uses my hair flat iron to touch up the collar of my shirts cause I’m too lazy to take off the shirt & pull out the real iron?  I never flat iron my hair so atleast the thing serves some kinda purpose.
My daughter is just as deadly with her camera as I am with mine!!!
I wonder if I’m the only person who gets suckered into buyn 2 apples pies for $1 everytime I stop for fast food?  Lord knows I don’t need to be eating fast food as often as I do & Lord knows I don’t need ONE apple pie let alone TWO.

I wonder if I would be wrong if I got my mom that Jitterbug cell phone for  Christmas?  The old people in the commercials look so happy!!!  Technology & my mom do not get along, the more options a gadget has the more she HATES it.  How she ended up with a daughter that’s referred to as Gadget Girl or Inspector Gadget is beyond me. 
I wonder if I’m the only person in the world that thinks EVERYTHING is funny?  Even things that are obviously NOT funny (which got me in trouble a lot when I was younger).  Even my daughter asks why I laugh at everything?  The weird part is I’m not that overly chipper person that is always tryn to spread joy therefore everyone hates them, I just think every random ish is hilariously funny.  I was asked to called the helpdesk for a “major problem”at work and 1 minute into the convo with the helpdesk we realize it is simply a “Major User Error”.  I start laughing then the helpdesk rep starts laughing but then stops and says, “I’m sorry, that’s not funny, these calls are recorded, but you have a contagious laugh”

I wonder if I’ll finally win the lottery next year?  My bro always reminds me that "if you want different results, you have to do things differently!"  I wonder if that means I should play more often? Or in different locations?  Or with other ppl'z $$? My fantasy list is getting longer & longer, somethings got to give... 2011 Shelby GT500  here I come *zoom zoom*

Ok, I guess thats enough mindless banter for one day... or is it?!?!  Probably not, let's continue this convo after dinner :-)

Tailgate-hopping at the Falcons Game

I've lived in Atlanta 7 years and this year I went to my first Atlanta Hawks & Atlanta Falcons game *shame on me* I know, I know... we usually watch the game at sports bars.  Shout out to my homies for the various awesome game hook-ups!!! This go round we did more tailgating than game watching and it was super-dee-duper.  First we wandered around the outside of the GA Dome interacting with other Falcons fans who invite you (a complete stranger) to come into their area to eat, drink, dance & enjoy the game.  We then went inside the dome to enjoy the madness that is Falcons Fans, they are a hot a$$ mess and I love em cause I’m a hot a$$ mess too *wink* Then we went back outside (without ever having actually sat in our seats) to link back up with our new tailgating family who adopted us as their Falcons step-children and invited us to join them at their usual spot for every home game from now until forever.  Tailgating is exhausting, I think we walked off all the calories consumed this weekend & then some.  Shout out to the Falcons for the wonderful win & the wonderful day of chillaxin. 

Season ticket holder Tiffany, great seats chica !!!

Its NOT ok to pee your pants at the Falcons game & then get drag'd away

His jersey almost blinded me, I want to convert it into a dress for myself

Cold???  They got you !!!

They bring the entire living room to the game

The Atlanta Falcons Bird Lady

Halloween 2010

HalloWeekend 2010 was both AMAZING & PAINFUL.  The gyal who always has a camera was without one this Halloweekend.  I was stalking the mail man daily for both my replacement cameras, first the Panasonic goes then the Stylus Tough Cam dies at the beach last weekend *BASTARD*

I heart my chicas but sadly they all take pix, but dont post em until Two Thousand and Late.  I was able to harass some of them for some pix, but alot of the amazing sh*t that went down shall never have its place in history & for that I apologize.  There was a guy that was wasted outta his mind and his costume was nothing more than his birthday suit & an IKEA bag that was fallin off, so I have renamed "White Boy Wasted" to now "Ikea Bag Wasted".  We went to a non Halloween party in costume & everyone was staring at us like WTF but eventually were like "Umm can we get a pic with you?"  Went to an ATL Hawks game in costume, ended up not having the tickets we thought we had but the costumes got us awesome seats for free.  I managed to spend the entire weekend either shooting or shanking everyone, but they all seemed to enjoy it *teeheehee*

So I shall post the few pix I have & then erase this painful yet amazing weekend from my memory forever. I may just recycle all de dayym costumes next year muahaha

Shank'n spree

Dis was de winner of de costume contest @ de Soca Club.  Gotta luv my Straight Off De Boat Island ppl

Lemme tell you, those red dots on my cheeks ended up on EVERYBODY! lmfao
Flo from Progressive insurance was TOO cute

Asian Flare

decided to pull out one of last years costumes & head to a non costume party on Thur

Hit up an ATL Hawks game in costume (weapons & all)

Everytime they scored BULLET BULLET

Jack'n fools fo dey $$$
To end on a good note, my paparazzi cam came in & I got her in white this time *snap snap ninja's*