Random spurt about everything & nothing

Got invited to another "male review"  I said this before and I shall say it again and again and again men in bright colored thongs, doing pelvic thrusts is NOT what’s real in de skreets. What I WOULD pay Top Dolla to see is some guys playing basketball in boxer briefs *hubba hubba* as a matter of fact, gimme a VIP section right up front next to the water bottles.

I have parent teacher conference today that I’m vexed about.  My daughter brought home a terrible progress report last month. I don’t get that kid, sometimes she is honor roll & other times she is “might don’t make it” The kid had the nerve to bring home an F in Spanish… REALLY?!?!?  Why is it so hard for the youth to understand the balance between work and play?  I guess I make it look too easy, like all I do is play.  I dunno if she has had enough time to get her act together but I do know that Miss Santa is only delivering socks & panties for Christmas it those grades aren’t right. Miss Santa is going to take the rest of the $$$ and go to Jamaica & get her groove back like Stella, hopefully with one of the boxer brief wearing basketball players mentioned above.

Recently realized that I have a problem with my nails.  Let me explain 1st that I hate salons, I NEVER go to hair salons unless I’m taking my daughter to the Dominicans to get her hair straightened.  I use to go to the nail salon for manicure's but I decided to stop that as well cause I just really don’t like salons.  My nails were always a lil “extra” when I got them done (as in jungliss), but now that I do them myself they are really OVER THE TOP, ghetto fab & I just love it.  I need to check myself into Jungliss Nails Anonymous for help 

Jungliss nails enjoying the worlds largest pizza in Washington, DC
Jungliss nails gettn their carnival on in Miami

The nails luv flowers just as much as I do

This is when I realized I had gone TOO FAR


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