Halloween Nails

Its Oct 20th and I dont have ONE Halloween costume.  I am a die hard Halloween junkie that converted most of my friends into Halloween junkies too.  Normally by the 1st week of October 1st I have 1 or 2 costumes already picked up, but this year has been a beast.  Traveling nonstop is awesome but being that the weekends are my only time to run errands, Im not getting alot of stuff done that cant be handled online... I like to try on costumes.  Today I decided to get FOCUSED, get my mind right & get into Halloween mode. I am determined to have atleast one costume before I head to Jacksonville carnival this weekend (YIKES thats in 2 days).  Plan B is find one costume while in Jacksonville lmao

My coworker helped me decorate the skeleton on my cube door at work today, coworker went a lil overboard and my cute skeleton went from being "sassy" to being a "street walker"
VIDEO: Making of streetwalker skeleton

When I got home from work this evening, I pulled out the bucket of fingernail polish & got to work.  Told my mom & daughter that I would give them a mani & pedi tomorrow since it took me forever to come up with this nonsense below.  Mom said she wanted some whimsical Red & Silver look, I told her "if its not a Halloween theme then its a #Negative"  lmfao  maybe I can come up with a spiderweb or summin for her.

Frankenstein toe nail that looks like a Lego man w/ a bad toupee

FYI, my left & right sides are usually in completely different worlds

 So its almost midnight & Im about to work on the design for my homemade costume. I have this vision in my mind that can not be found in anystore... kinda like when I made my ninja costume back in 2008.  I loved the costume cause I luv ninja's and I luv calling everyone a ninja but drinking that nite was a beeeoootch!!!


  1. LMAO at drinking was a beeeoootch!!!

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