DC - Capital de los Estados Unidos

*Random Thought* I have a book that I really want to re-read but I cant remember which one of my homies I let borrow it, cant let brown ppl borrow sh*t.

I'm so proud of myself, before Apr 2010 I had never ridden the train/subway EVER, here we are Sept & I have mastered riding both the Atlanta & D.C. train/subway all by myself like a big girl. As my D.C. bestie said "Im an official city girl now" Go me, Go me!!!

I think Im doing way too much work, family, partyn, traveling, school, writing, lots of reading, photography... I need to scale back & get focused. My recent trip to the Library of Congress inspired me, to get back to writing but on a more personal level. A book my bro Paco gave me "Your Life as Story" is the perfect "how to" on capturing the important things, wishing I would have taken better notes when I read it. It took me forever to actually make my way to the Library of Congress so Im determined that my next trip to D.C. I shall actually go inside & find my poem (written when I was in the 12th grade) that I lives within the library walls. I actually spent about a good 45min to an hour just photographing the building and its surroundings ~Beautiful~

Landing in Washington, DC

US Botanical Gardens