I feel like b*tch'n about nothing

I felt exhausted & irritable all day. Sometimes you can’t feel better until you get all the things on your mind out into the open. But gosh it would be so selfish of me to call up my homies and say, “I party’d my a$$ off last weekend, I did WAY TOO MUCH, living like a rockstar is a BEAST. I feel fat I want plastic surgery. I cant find my earphones & I cant work out without my chunes. A mosquito bit me, my lunch was yucky, etc , etc… SO let me f*ck up your day too homie” So I figured, why not speak out loud online where no one can hear me!!! :-D an online memoir of sorts, that I can read later & laugh at.

I was suppose to play the lottery today but I forgot DAMMIT. They just showed the winning #’s on TV and I’m freakn sure those are the #’s I would have picked.

I don’t watch TV often but I just watched the 11pm news. Apparently a lot of ppl got murdered and lot of other ppl got robbed in Atlanta recently. That’s f*cked up, I hope I hurry up & win the lottery so I can hire a bodyguard to safeguard all of this hot-mess-edness.
I think Im done, dunno if I feel any better... LMAO !!!

PS: On a positive note, in a few more weeks my hair will be long enough to put into a teeny weeny ponytail. How funny that chix that cut their hair short always look forward to the day that they dont have to comb their hair anymore :-)

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